10.4 How do I avoid having my name appear on the subscribers list? (the hide option)

If you do not want to have your email address show up on the subscriber list for any reason, you can opt to have it concealed.

Common reasons for doing this include avoiding unsolicited bulk email (spam). By default, the subscribers list is obscured to hinder spam harvesters, but if you feel this is insufficient it's easy enough to remove address from the subscriber list given in the information pages or by email request. (Note that this does not conceal your address from the list administrators.) You may wish to see Section 11.2 for more information on what Mailman can do to help avoid spam.

To change this setting using the web interface:

  1. Log in to your member options page. (See Section 3.1 for instructions on how to do this.)
  2. Go to the section marked "Conceal yourself from subscriber list?" and choose "Yes" to hide your name from the list, or "No" to allow your name to appear on the list.

To change this setting using the email interface:

  1. Send a mail to with the command set hide on or set hide off.

    Commands can appear in either the body or the subject of the message. (See Section 3.2 for more information about sending mail commands.)

  2. Set it to "on" to conceal your email address from the membership list, or "off" to stop concealing your address.