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Using File Storage on

The following describes how to upload and download files to your website* or file storeage area on 
  1. When your account is set up, you will receive an email which includes your account name and password. Have these available to access your storage.  You must be connected to the internet to do the following.
  2. On Windows PCs, remote folders are accessed using 'Explorer' windows, the same as for local folders.  ('Explorer' is the file display that you see when you open "My Computer".) Each Explorer window has a field near the top labelled "Address".  This displays the path name of the folder you are viewing.  You will enter the address of the ParkBits file server in this window as follows.
  3. Enter into the address field of Explorer.  After a moment, a window will pop up for your name and password. If an error message like 'cannot access...' pops up instead, click Login As in the File pulldown menu at the top left of the Explorer window.
  4. Enter your account (user) name and password into the popup window.
  5. After a moment, the Explorer window will display your file storage area on  Folders and files will be indicated as usual, and can be displayed as icons or with details, etc. 
  6. You can now use any of the usual ways to copy or move files.  Opening a second Explorer window and browsing to the folder on your computer that has files to upload or to download into is a convenient way.  You can select and (right-click)copy files and folders from one window and then (right click)paste them into the other window.
  7. Many PC users keep their own files in the "MyDocuments" folder.  This is where you will most likely find important files and folders to backup to file storeage.
  8. The speed of uploads and downloads will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

There are a couple ways to make accessing your remote files quicker after the first time:
  1. After you have opened your remote files folder in the Explorer window, click Favorites->AddToFavorites to save the address.  Then the next time you want to open the folder, just click on that entry in your list of favorites. 
  2. Check the box for 'remember my password' when entering your account name and password.  Windows will then open the remote folder in the future without asking for name and password again.
* - This procedure may be used for both basic file storeage account and web site accounts.  For web site accounts, the uploading of files is usually done by the 'publish' function of web editor or site builder software, however the above procedure can be used to upload and download files that are not part of the web site.  In general, any FTP or SSH client software can be used for file transfer.  Windows Explorer is operating as an FTP client in the above procedure.